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The GCM represents an alternative economic system to the unlimited capitalism where the goal of companies is to maximize their profit at any cost (destruction of the environment, exploitation of their workers, damage to the health of its customers).

The GCM is an association of registered companies which:
• are owned by its entrepreneurs, managers and stuff, not by investors.
• are either debt-free or just have interest-free debt.
• are not forced to make profit.
• do care about the environment.
• are fair to their workers (fair wages and good working conditions, profit share).
• do not sell unhealthy products to its customers.

Why is it so important that the company has no interest demanding debt
A free market just works in a shortage market where there is a shortage of products or services.
In a saturated free market with a surplus of products or services the company profits tend to 0.
A company which makes no profit is not able to pay interest.
That means if it has interest demanding debt it will go bankrupt.
At banking crises the debt will become due. Because the company cannot repay it will be seized by the banks. See also very high inflation

Company finance (proposed via a subsidiary, GCM Capital)
Just available to incorporated companies and other incorporated legal entities.
For companies only which either have no interest-demanding debt or want to get rid of them completely.
For companies only which do care about the environment and do not produce or sell unhealthy products.
For companies only which are not involved in the following activities: Interest-demanding debt, war weapons and equipment, uranium nuclear energy, microwaves, poisoning the environment;
A GCM-registered company can be financed by alternative loans:
• they are interest-free.
• repayment required only if either there is income or liquidation proceeds.
• an income participation right becomes due when there is income, 50% of the incomes until the loan gross amount is repaid.
• a profit participation right becomes due if there is profit, up to 50% of the loan gross amount.
At the GCM the company has continued support as long as the company exists.
Because there is no interest-demanding debt the chance of bankruptcy is much lower.
There is no need to pay dividends to investors forever.
For start-ups: Entrepreneurs may set up a virtual fundraising venture first, to present the project and search for supporters.
Also suitable for non-profit companies and entities if there is a proposed continuous income.

Venture capital provider
Capital providers can provide capital long-term to the GCM as account credit (claim).
The venture capital claim is for the most part secured by the assets of the GCM.
Risk note: Company failures can affect the reserves of the GCM, however a normal percentage can be absorbed.
Withdrawal conditions:
• Capital claims can be withdrawn earliest 5 years after the first deposit.
• The total withdrawal amount can never be higher then the total deposit amount.
Therefore this in a capital provision and not an investment.
• The investment laws are proposed for investments at the interest debt money system. They are not suitable for this alternative system.
• To avoid attacks from greedy scum to manipulate or damage the system.
• That capital providers are conform to the spiritual rules.

Virtual currency and investments
Virtual currency:
VC/vec - venture capital (venture capital), begged to the Euro/Eurocent;
Deposits are credited in vec at the iduzone.

Virtual investments:
The virtual currency can be invested in virtual income shares of GCM-registered companies.
There are monthly repayment credits of 2%, total 50 repayments (100% of capital, in 4 years and 2 months).
At for-profit companies there are further 10 payments (20% profit share, in further 10 months). But the return is paid in other virtual currencies of the iduzone.
The capital is not locked forever to a company, it can be re-invested newly again and again.
There is no financial gambling: no up and down of share prizes, no trading necessary;
Risk disclaimer:
Normally there will be a full repayment credit of the capital, however in rare cases a loss up to 10% is possible.

Be aware: Investments at stock exchanges and crowdfunding platforms are not secured, a 100% loss is possible!
And prepare yourself for the coming Hyperinflation.
If you no longer want to accept that a small profit-greedy group is destroying our planet, please support the GCM in its efforts.

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